20 Second Window

I’m skipping all the fluff and introduction and getting straight to the point—20 Second Window.

The 20 Second Window is how much time you really need to actually to make a choice, decision or conclusion.

Some may feel as though it takes longer than 20 seconds but the truth is, the process is so drawn out because of other factors. Factors such as counting up the cost, weighing other options, getting other people involved and listening to their wisdom or simply opinion. That’s why the process is sooooo drawn out.

I’m not telling you that any of this is wrong. Yes, seeking WISE counsel is viable to making that choice in your 20 Second Window. By all means get the needed advice.

When you have that 20 Second Window after going through the preliminaries…by all means don’t hesitate to make that choice and stick with it.

Another reason we may feel as though it takes longer than 20 seconds is because of or own insecurities, doubts, past experiences and maybe fear of making the wrong choice. Can I let you in a little secret… It still only takes 20 Seconds there is still a 20 Second Window.

Our over analyzing or OVER thinking can cause us to miss out on some really cool experiences.

I was sitting in Church one Sunday and the Holy Spirit lead me to sow a seed. I had already prayed before hand asked for guidance on what to do with some money I had received. When he spoke…this is what happened… immediately thoughts of other things I needed to get taken care of immediately came into my mind but I didn’t linger I immediately stood up, walked to the front of the church and placed my seed on the altar. I used that 20 Second Window I was given.

What has been your experience with 20 Second Windows? What did you do? What were the results?

Share your wisdom with me!

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