“Sing Your Own Song”


Welcome to Andrew Way Mentoring Foundation where we believe that our youth has their own song to sing.

We are developing entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, singers, and more! We have a team of people dedicated to making sure each youth is confident, responsible and the best leader he or she can be.

Our team is highly trained, people of integrity and group of believers.

We are committed to mentoring and establishing a lasting relationship even through adulthood.

Kristy Angelee the founder of Andrew Way Mentoring Foundation, late father, Andrew Smith Sr, once told her to sing her own songs. She doesn't always have to sing the songs of others. These words stuck with her from her teenage years and she still takes heed of his advice.

Kristy Angelee is the founder and owner of Whimsical Events Galore by Kristy Angelee,LLC an author, writer, speaker, and job creator. She also is a servant to the singles but reaches all through Kristy Angelee Ministries